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      The ABC's of a Growing Negative Energy highlights the need to stop Abuse, Bullying, Child-Endangerment and School Shootings once and for all. 

      Tru-Friends and People for Peace are cooperating with you to Educate and Certify Kids Safety to help, using Technical Files that Parents, Teachers, Administrators and Others can reference to ensure Kids are Safe where ever them may be. 

      By Certifying Kids are Tru-Friends Safe in Facilities across this Nation and around the Globe we help assure Parents their Children are keeping Kids Safe.  

      We Invite You to Join in the Tru-Friends Certified Safe Childcare Revolution by Clicking the Try Tru-Friends button below.

      We know the vast majority of Parents, Infant Care, Day Care, Child Care and Education Institutions are doing a great job keeping children safe; but the doubts are growing across the  nation and throughout the world; which may be costing your business in lost opportunities. 

      Let's get your Facility
      Tru-Friends Certified Safe

      Click the Try-Tru-Friends button below to join today for FREE.  You can create your Facilities Personal Profile adding as many Social MySite pages as you need for FREE. 

      Alternatively, You can ask us to do it for you at a nominal $29.95 per MySite Slider, as a one time fee.

      To Post Proudly On Your Facility Wall Our Tru-Friends Certified Safe Certificate you only need to pass our on-site visit and questionnaire to receive yours.

      The benefits are:
      • Added Parental Comfort, Confidence, Assurance, Insurance & Peace of Mind - It's Priceless.
      • Pro-Active Growth Promoting Your Facility with an Article stemming from our visit as a Free MySite add-on we will provide you.
      • A Tru-Friends Certified Safe Certificate with Up To Five Start Rating of Your Facility
      • Online and On Mobiles Links to back support your efforts to provide the very best in care.
      • A Free URL which you own for life.
      • A Free DIY tool set to help you Create, Post, Pics, Video's, Content of Each Child and Progress they are making to help Parents receive the value-add you are bringing into their Child's life above and beyond daycare, if applicable.
      • Free Tools to send Newsletters, Blog, Invite and Set Up Events. All to keep Parents Better Informed.
      • Decreased Insurance Rates to offset the cost of your Certification  - Optional
      • Increased Revenues and Rewards for Premium Membership into our Connected Commerce Community to ensure an ROI on your Tru-Friends Certified Safe investment - Optional
      • Security Camera's and Monitoring Systems for real-time access - Optional
      • GPS child devices for tracking - Optional
      • To use our Tru-Friends Certified Safe Logo on your Marketing Material - Optional
      Call or write to set up your GET CERTIFIED APPOINTMENT set up and/or done today.

      +1 323-840-7350

      Let's Cooperate Together!
      Tru-Friends Day Care For Children (DCFC) is a better way to Grow Your Business!!!
      Click the Down Arrow Under The American Flag to the Left of This Text and Vote/Comment button to read our Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Join in and as Tru-Friends to use our tools to help you Grow Your Day Care Business as your backbone.

      Click On Links Highlighting Events:

      Pleasant Hill Day Care Provider Sentenced to Five Years in Prison


    • #1 We're All About Creating FUN, Memorable, Meaningful, Worthwhile Experiences in Safe Environments.

      "People who play well together tend to stay together as life long Tru-Friends."
      - Don H. - 
      Division Child & Facilities Certifications (DCFC) -

      Click the down arrow to see the other 9 of our Top Ten reasons.
    • #2 We're All About Being Helpful, Good with Manageable in Mind.

      For every 1-12 Children We Ensure There is One Adult (Over 18)
      One Assistant (12-17)

      Click the down arrow  below the American Flag to the left of the Read/Write button for Top Ten Reason numbers 3-10
    • #3 We're All About Educational.

      We teach the Who, What, When, Where, Why and H.O.W. Principles and Values of being a Tru-Friend to everyone.

      Regardless of ethnic origin, cultural differences and religious affiliations.

      We teach living to create as much pure positive energy as we possibly can. It's all about Living to Love others for who they are; which is all about seeking and finding out in what ways we are unique, special, precious and priceless as individual intelligence's. The Stuff Schools Currently Do Not Teach.

      Click the down arrow under the American Flag and to the Left of the Read/Write button to view #4-10 Top Ten reasons.
    • #4 We're All About Affordable.

      Your dollars invested will surely be leveraged to maximize their Tru-Full-Potential doing more than just covering the cost of your child's daily, weekly, monthly or annual care; used for helping others too.

      Click the down arrow to see reasons 5-10 why Tru-Friends should be your Child Care Facilities backbone. 
    • #5 We're All About Rewarding.

      If you are the kind of Adult that gets into the spirit of referring (recruiting) you can offset your day care costs making even more money here.

      It's way better than any Government Subsidy Program and there is no limits to offset "Paid-In" investments with received "Earnings" potential. It's potentially the best retirement program you could ever imagine having created. Why?

      Because we love referrals; document and reward you for engaging and convincing others to join in over your lifetime.  

      Note: You must become a premium paid member of Tru-Friends to receive financial rewards of like minded members; but that's a No-Brainer right?

      It's FREE to join and all must join FREE before they can become a premium member.  Just ask the one who invited you how to become a premium member and they will take you through the painless process.

      Click the down arrow to read reasons 6-10 of our Top Ten reasons you should use Tru-Friends as your Day Care's Backbone.
    • #6 We're All About Charity - Applying Intelligence Rightly!

      We make giving easier. Everyone wants to be thought of as a giver, contributor, philanthropic and/or humanitarian; so Tru-Friends not only makes it easy but because we use 100% of your donations to help the people you want to support, you never have to worry about how much is going to cover administrative costs of your donation.

      Furthermore, the Tru-Friends platform enables us to return and report to you; showing exactly who your donated goods and/or funds went to help directly. That's not just a good feeling, it's a GREAT FEELING!!!

      Click the down arrow to the left and below the Read/Write button to see our Top Ten reasons #7-10.
    • #7 We're All About Connected.

      Our People as a Service (PaaS) powered platform is all about connecting unconnected people, places and things.

      We give you FREE all the tools you need to just make life better, more easily managed.  So give us your permission and we'll sign you up today (no stress, no fees, no mess). 

      Click the down arrow to read through our Top Ten reasons #8-10 remaining.
    • #8 We're All About Commerce.

      "One persons old is another persons new; one persons sold becomes two persons gold." -Don H.

      This is the Tru-Friends way in better serving your B2B and/or B2C Commerce needs. 

      Tru-Friends PaaS facilitates the Buying, Selling, Trading and/or Giving away whatever it is you have you don't want anymore.  Just post in here on Tru-Friends for free and you'll never pay us a fee to post, sell, buy, trade or give away anything.

      Why don't we charge for this? Because you are the expert here at what you do and we don't think we deserve anything from you for having your expertise.  Our hope is in turn you'll post the lowest possible price for whatever it is you have for sale so that our members know they are getting the very best deals here.  That's the Tru-Friends way. Lowering the cost of doing business for you so you can pass on those saving without loosing margins in doing what you do best.

      Click on the down arrow to see our Top Ten reasons #9-10 why you should join to allow TF to be your Day Care Backbone.
    • #9 We're All About Community.

      Being community minded is healthy for your business. Use our offerings to better help you manage, message, promote, follow-up or set up events to keep your clients informed and create stickiness not to mention loyalty to your Brand for being connected here. 

      Like bee's in a hive making honey we can also help you make more money cooperating together too.

      Click on the down arrow to read the last of our Top Ten reasons why to use TF-DCFC as your Day Care Business Backbone.
    • #10 We're All About Caring & Sharing.

      Caring enough to give your children and others the very best start in life they deserve today ensures a brighter future tomorrow.

      Sharing is all about referring your Tru-Friends into the same Tru-Friends certified and approved day care center your children are enjoying. This so they can have their children getting the same amazing care your children are receiving keeps our child care rates lower because our word of mouth loyal fans network helps reduce the investment of care while reducing the cost of doing business here.

      So please invite all others you know with kids to join in. It's in our Tru-Friends DNA for Tru-Thriving; not just surviving.

      Contact us today to receive a list of Tru-Friends Certified and Approved Day Care Facilities for the best overall care and opportunities for creating life long Tru-Friends.

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