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      Join us in changing the way the world thinks about Connected Commerce engaging Non-Profits with For-Profits for sustainable measurable growth and better end results from just one time donations.

      To Experience “The Best of Things Life Has To Offer” join Tru-Friends as a Humanitarian In Commerce. It's our Premium Status Membership with levels.

      For a one-time fee for perpetual license at each level for life of only $500 USD you are guaranteed to receive your return on investment (ROI) starting at 10X going up into the +10,000X range for as little as $2,500 total (5 levels of premium membership $500 each) as your connected commerce community grows with more people like you. That's significantly better than YouTube rewards for growing your loyal fan base.

      However, our Tru-Friends offerings don’t stop there. If you’re looking for capital to grow your business on a Global Scale with far more reasonable terms & conditions; engage our performance based only Finance Team. Whether you are a concept stage (idea), early development stage (pre-revenue), early revenue generating stage, mid or mature revenue stage and/or a company seeking Growth Capital to expand or exit under great terms and conditions you have come to the right place. It’s so much better than Crowdfunding Sites where little is gained and much could be lost.

      A leading innovator in the AgTech business sector poised to become the dominate player on a global basis in vertical growing and farm management solutions achieving 6x crop yields for every square meter of space, using up to 95% less water (knowing Agriculture uses 70% of all fresh water in USA today, that’s game changing); and because they are soil-less they can produce more perfect fruits, vegetables and herbs with 5 harvests per year, not 4 like traditional farms. They can even grow fresh fish in their hydroponic systems to better maintain your health and quality of life.

      Here's how we’re helping them, and can help you too.


      1. They needed $10 Million. We suggested Raising $100 Million USD for 2017 land acquisition and conversion to meet growth expansion capital needs. What we actually got them was a $200 Million funding commitment after only three months of our engagement. They are a business with only one year in commercial revenue generation (early revenue stage).

      NaturePonics couldn’t get any loans of significant size from the banks; nor did hard money lenders make sense; nor did any VC or Private Equity Firm want to consider such an early revenue stage venture as they are. But we see value where others don’t and were able to raise $200 Million in committed capital for NaturePonics.  Can we do it for you?

      2. Drawing down immediately $50.74M to acquire and convert 500+ Acres already identified and some with offers made in California. This will set up their Global HQ and tour and train AG Farmers from around the world in the benefits of Vertical Farming (i.e. Up to 6X yield in harvests for every square foot of Earth; using up to 90% less water; increasing total harvests to 5, one every 60 days vs traditional farming which only gets 4 per year, one every 90 days).


      Their cost to become a premium member only $500 USD. Yours too. Best thing is, that buys you a conditional use perpetual license. Meaning you'll never pay that initial internship fee again until we've paid you 10X on your investment ($5,000); at which time we'll ask you to become a perpetual Apprentice Premium Member for $500; which you'll never have to pay again until we've paid you 10X on your last earnings ($50,000); and so on until you've earned $5.5 Million from us having invested only $2,500.  Who wouldn't do that deal?




      For $500 flat fixed annual fee (that's just $41.67 per month) you'll get our Unlimited Status and Benefits in your HIC Membership:


      ·       Verified - Highest Ranking a Member Can Have

      ·       Perpetual Use of our Premium Services until your ROI pays out 10X to 2,000X depending upon level of Premium Membership you have.

      ·       Encrypted & Secure Tru-Friends Email

      ·       Shopping Cart to sell 24x7x365

      ·       Merchant Account if you don’t have one already.

      ·       One Free NaturePonics Bamboo Vertical Growing Tower. $249 Retail Value. Includes all you need to grow Organic Fruits, Vegetables, or Herbs and/or Fresh Fish; or you can opt to receive $250 in Cash for each Premium Member you bring on-board to your Connected Commerce Community like you.

      ·       Watch as your account grows in points

      ·       Spend your points earned to buy goods here.

      ·       It's the easy way to make money simply doing what you love to do every day sharing your “Gift of Gab” with other Tru-Friends.

      ·       If you need to expand your Global Sales Force, consider engaging Tru-Friends Interdependent Rep Network to help move your products into new markets in new ways, the most organic - cost effective ways on the planet. This engages our “Many hands make light the work” philosophy built in by design. We help you make that happen mitigating most, if not all, risk factors associated with having employees.


      Or Call Us Today and Let's Get You Signed Up Over the Phone or by Email.



      Don Horton: DonH@tru-friends.com
      Client Funding Lead Contact - Co-Founder and Managing Member of Tru-Friends

      Ike Gadhok: IkeG@tru-friend.com
      IMF G20 Lead Contact - TF President of Humanitarian Fund Client Projects connected with IMF & G20.


    • WHO ARE WE?
      Your Brands Global Support Team

      Think of your Brand as a Golden Coin. The “Face” is what you have showing to the world today (URL). Our offering is the back side of your Coin Face. A golden Co-Branded or Private Labeled offering that help’s you better connect the unconnected things. Growing your high net worth relationships (HNWR). Know your HNWR demographics better. Get two coins for every one you receive today. Achieving More!

      Founded in 2012 as an “Internet of Things” software dev. co.

      Our team of World Class Programmers will meet your complex global needs so you never have to learn programming. Co-Branded or Private Labeled our offerings becoming your own tools to reach your Tru-Full-Potential.

      We better help you help your customers grow their passions, interest, and/or professions for making money & planning for their future; better connected in all generations upcoming.

      We are extending your reach by profitably digging deeper into your relationships so that their relationships become your relationships over time & so on.

      Global Winners Will Have Global Networks-All Connected. Get in the Lead by Creating your own Meaningful Big Data Destiny. We Deliver That..

      For after Sales Fanatical Support questions:


      For comments to improve our offerings:


    • Create Healthy Relationships
      Little Else Matters
      What Must Happen For 
      • Peace (a world without wars), 

      • Happiness (a world without contentions or strife) and 

      • Prosperity (a world without poverty) to become our experience and reality in daily living?

      We think cooperating together in and as Tru-Friends will usher in a period of peaceful happiness and prosperity co-existing that should last at least 1,000 years. 

      Everything meaningful and worthwhile in your life will or will not exist depending upon your choices.  You can't go wrong being a Tru-Friend to all you know or interact with in life or here.
    • Experience Desired

      Everybody thinks they know what LOVE is. The Kind of Love that lasts a lifetime. But if this were the case:

      • Why are we experiencing 50% divorce rates in USA regardless if among religious or non-religious?

      • Why are terrorist groups popping up and wreaking havoc on innocents around the world?

      • Why are so many highly intelligent people taking that which did/does not rightfully belong to them from others? Are they really all that "clever" creating such things as the Dot.com Bubble, Real Estate Bubble, Financial Markets Bubbles and all other Bubbles yet to come? These all deliver the same results in personal gains for a select few at the expense and losses of the masses whose savings they willingly wipe out simply because they are "clever" enough to do it!

      Where is the PURE LOVE one for another in any of these things?

      We created Tru-Friends to start a sustainable trend of connected commerce communities. A place where you can get in for Free and make money O2O here without Tru-Friends taking any fees "Off- the-Top" on all your sales.  We hope you make a lot of money here doing what you have a passion, love or expertise in doing; while being a Tru-Friend in and as Tru-Friends which is lowering the cost of doing business while growing your Brand globally.

      If you want to be guaranteed to make 10X here, consider joining as a Premium Member.  It's a one time conditional perpetual license fee of $500.

      Please do not think of it as an expense, but more like and investment; because we guarantee you'll make 10X or $5,000 for reaching very easy to achieve objectives. Invite 10 of your Friends to do the same and keep it going, so your community keeps on growing).  That's the power of 10X.  

      Here's what it will happen as you do.

      Your 1st $500 will make you $5,000.
      (500 x 10 = 5,000)

      Your 2nd $500 will make you $50,000. (5,000 x 10 = 50,000)

      Your 3rd $500 will make you $500,000.
      (50,000 x 10 = 500,000)

      Renewals are only paid after you reach your current objectives. Otherwise it's a perpetual license with Guaranteed Compensation for reaching objectives.

      As a bonus: you'll find your savings account growing here too. When you reach your 3rd renewal; you'll achieve manager status and get a $500,000 credit line for reaching your objectives here.

      Our AIM as a Global Platform and Community is to reach 2 billion people before the year 2030.

      With your help it will happen. When you reach your 1st renewal objectives you also become a Co-Founder Licensed Interdependent Rep at Tru-Friends.  This will entitle you to Options for Shares before we go IPO even before the Bankers will get theirs.  So you'll can see the investment you make in yourself to acquire our Tru-Friends License is most likely one of the best investments you can make in your lifetime.

      If you have any questions please contact me: donh@tru-friends.com

      I'm Don, a Co-Founder and welcome you to join in and as Tru-Friends with me to make this world a little better place, one relationship at a time doing whatever it is you  have a passion, expertise and or love for doing.

      To Apply, test and secure your License to become a Paid Intern, Apprentice or Manager write/email:


      Subject Line: Please send me License Test for Internship.

      Body: Tell us in one brief paragraph why you should be hired as an Intern, Apprentice or Manager in and as Tru-Friends.

      Then be sure to attach your Resume which should include Full Name, Address, Mobile Number and Email in addition to your experience, education and other thoughts shared.

      Wait to receive our reply and License Test.  

      After you've paid your $500 Perpetual License Fee for a Guaranteed 10X return on license for reaching your objectives and passing with 100% we'll send you your Certificate and start date.

    • Join The AgTech
      Revolution Today!

      We're looking / inviting interns, apprentices, directors, executive directors and platinum executive directors (managers in business for self / or working for others) that want to make the world a little better place to join with us; without having to work a lifetime before seeing the fruits of labors:

      Join today and get:

      ·       A Free Website Builder 

      ·       Free Access to Our Community (Members)

      ·       Free Ability to Promote, Buy and Sell O2O without any fees charged by us.

      ·       Add a $500 Perpetual License with Conditional Guarantee for 10X to +2,500X return on your perpetual license as a Certified premium member in our Connected Community of Commerce. Receive a shopping cart and merchant account (if you don't have one already) so you can sell more here and make more profits 24x7x365 here (not O2O like Free members must do).

      ·       It's Free to use our Invite Engine for Connecting With Your Tru-Friends and Their Tru-Friends and So On to Grow Your Community You Own Here Globally.

      ·       We also added a Free Contacts Management tool.

      ·       Free Blogs Tool.

      ·       Free Newsletters tool.

      ·       Coming soon is our secure and encrypted email service now being tested internally. It's Pretty Cool.

      ·       Everything Co-Branded Is Free.

      ·       If You Want Our Platform Private Labeled there is a Fee.

      ·       We Encourage You to Invite, Share and Connect with Your Tru-Friends to grow your personal and highly connected communities of commerce!

      ·       Learn from the lessons of Amazon, Alibaba, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. You've made them all famous. But did you get anything in monetary return for doing so when they went IPO? We do it and will continue to long before our IPO.

      ·       You will receive $5,000, a 10X ROI on your pre-paid perpetual license internship fee $500; getting paid in full as soon as your connected commerce community reaches 110 premium members like you. No matter how soon or long it takes.

      ·      You will receive $27,500, a 55X ROI on your pre-paid perpetual license apprenticeship fee $500; getting paid in full as soon as your connected commerce community reaches 1,120 premium members like you. No matter how soon or long it takes.

      ·        You will receive $150,000, a 300X ROI on your pre-paid perpetual license directorship fee $500; getting paid in full as soon as your connected commerce community reaches 11,130 premium members like you. No matter how soon or long it takes.

      ·         You will receive $1,252,500, a 2,505X ROI on your pre-paid perpetual license executive directorship fee $500; getting paid in full as soon as your connected commerce community reaches 111,140 premium members like you. No matter how soon or long it takes.

               You will receive $5,002,500, a 10,005X ROI on your pre-paid perpetual license platinum executive directorship fee $500; getting paid in full as soon as your connected commerce community reaches 1,111,150 premium members like you. No matter how soon or long it takes.

      ·       It's the Tru-Friends Power of 10's to achieve a Return on License we Guarantee. Simply achieve your objectives we set for you. It's easy as you apply our many hands make light the work aggregating (connecting) all relationships above and below your BRAND'S LINE of supply chains. Are you ready to get started?

      JOIN TODAY - just click Try Tru-Friends!


      For more information on H.O.W. contact us at:



      For questions about features, functionality or ease of use Contact:



      NOTE: This is our 2016 Beta release. If you notice anything a little buggy or have a suggestion to improve your experience we'd love to know it. Contact us at:



      For investor or public relations inquiries Contact:



      For Jobs as independent / interdependent Paid, Internships, Apprenticeships, Directorships, Executive Directors or Platinum Executive Directors contact our HQ HR Team. 

      HQ Management Paid Positions (part or full-time) are also available; Contact:


    • We Bring Your Innovations
      To New Markets
      Opportunity Alert:

      Invest in our Clean Environmentally Friendly Organic Growing AgTech Revolution business opportunity to secure a stake in the fastest growing segment of our platform as a service business model.

      $100,000,000 Invested gets you a 40% stake in our Parent Co (TF) with profit sharing ongoing up to 40% of our EBITDA profits with exclusive rights to USA Market. 

      $50,740,000 Invested today gets you up to 25% revenue share on our AgTech Clients business offerings which are projected in 24 months EBITDA profits of $52.6 Million.

      Serious Investors Only Contact Us Today:

      Don Horton: DonH@tru-friends.com
      Client Funding Lead Contact - Co-Founder and Managing Member of Tru-Friends

      Ike Gadhok: IkeG@tru-friend.com
      IMF G20 Lead Contact - TF President of Humanitarian Fund Client Projects connected with IMF & G20.
    • Smart Towers
      Helping Humanity Thrive

      Join us in changing the way the world thinks about combating the negative effects of Nature Disasters.

      Natural disasters caused a total of $1.5 trillion in damage worldwide between 2003 and 2013, according to a study by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), which finds they caused more than 1.1 million deaths and affected the lives of more than two billion people.

      What's even scarier is that the cost of Natural Disasters every 10 years is going up by a factor of 7X.

      We are smart enough and have the technology to build structures that can withstand Mother Natures worst in Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Cyclones, Tornadoes, Typhoons and even Floods.


      We're going to place NaturePonics beautiful patented Vertical Growing Towers called BooGardens inside these Smart Tower Skyscrapers, each 47 stories high; creating mini self contained Cities that are capable of delivering fresh fruits, vegetables, hrbs and fresh fish to the local population, Farm to Table daily. 

      Did you know the food you buy in the market is likely 2-3 weeks old already before you buy it?

      Did you know that Agriculture / Farmlands use 70% of all water available to grow what you and I need not just to survive but thrive. With our Smart Towers concept for vertical farming we're using up to 95% less water than traditional Agriculture Farms are using today to get less crop yields that are 6-8x more than traditional farms are producing with all that waste. This means we also have the technology and solutions to deliver healthy sustainable foods in 1/3rd less the time every day to urban populations without any damaging effects from Mother Nature’s weather cycles that have otherwise been wreaking havoc on our efforts to live in peace and harmony Organically with Nature. 

    • Revenue Share
      Secured Investment
      Join us in changing the way the world thinks about Agriculture and growing things.

      If you want brick n mortar investments with returns on investment that keep coming over a lifetime while at the same time investing is fully sustainable organic change (No GMO's; No FDA approved organic pesticides; No Unhealthy anything involved; only PURE ORGANIC QUALITY GOOD THINGS FOR YOUR BODY, HEALTH, MIND, MOOD, then contact me today:
      c: Don Horton 
      p: +1 323-840-7350
      e: donh@tru-friends.com

    • Why Premium
      Join us in changing the way the world thinks about Commerce and getting Connected.

      It's Simple:

      1. We do more for you than other offerings!

      2. We take no percentage of your sales here!

      3. It's FREE to Post or Sell your D.I.Y. efforts!

      4. You Own Your URL's, Content & Relationships Here!

      5. You can Advertise, Message, Blog, Send Newsletters and Communicate to your Network (Connected Commerce Community) for FREE here!

      6. If you want us to manage your website and offerings here we will for a nominal fee.

      7. If you want us to help you get your products into new markets through our Interdependent and Independent Rep Networks of Highly Skilled Professionals we will for a mutually agreed upon fee.

      8. Our Interdependent and Independent Representative Network is on track to break 1,000,000 by 2020.

      9. Our total global membership (Free & Paid) is on track to be +2 Billion by 2030.

      10. Our Innovating Game Changing Offerings Found Here and Bonus Pay for Premium Members Allows You To Access Capital Unlike Found Anywhere Else In The World! So if you have an innovation that needs capital to grow your Company reach out to our team. That's our "People Before Profits" focus. It's just the right thing to do in this day and age.

    • International
      Calling Plans
      Join us in changing the way the world thinks about Communications Globally Connected.

      We're talking with Ultra Mobile to work out a deal giving you the best of both worlds (commerce and communications) with the best Rates and Support in mobile calling plans for Domestic and International reach.

      Call us today for more information or to sign up. 323-840-7350
    • Flat Fee EDGAR
      SEC Filings
      Join us in changing the way the world thinks about Financial Reporting and growing local, national or global Business. 

      Flat Fixed Fee Annual Filings with the SEC while a percentage of your support goes to helping orphans through the Garden of Eden Project powered by Tru-Friends.

      Why use in-house solutions that require you to pay $40,000 per license a year to convert and file your financial information with the SEC; plus the extra cost of in-house staff to make all those filings happen timely? Start using GlobalOne Filings Inc., and will do it all for you for as low as $6,995 per year all-in for all your Compliance work.

      Call for More Details Today: 323-840-7350

      Ask for Don or email to: donh@tru-friends.com

      COMPLIANCE: 3-Q's, 1-K, 1-Proxy, Sec 16 Forms 3,4,5,6: No Extra Charges, Unlimited Edits, Filings, and Proofs, Fast, Accurate, Timely, Cost Effective.

      $6,995 yr Unlimited Filings for Non-Accelerated Filers 
      $9,995 yr Unlimited Filings for Accelerated Filers 
      $12,995 yr Unlimited Large Accelerated Filers 

      TRANSACTIONS: S-1, 424's, all other Registrations:
      $10,000 per transaction, or equal to the cost of your SEC Filings Fee, which ever is higher.
      No Extra Charges, Unlimited Edits, Filings and Proofs, Fast, Accurate, Timely, Cost Effectively per Registration Filing.

      Prices above do not include printing, handling, postage or related services, but we will quote you for these things separately as per your needs.

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